Friday, October 19, 2007

How influential are you?

So you care about climate change and take a few actions like turning the lights off. Great, but is there more you can do?

One thing's for sure, if we sit around waiting for governments to act, we'll be waiting a long time.

Are you any good at helping others around you to realise the problems and what they can do about it, say, by leading by example?

Here's a way to find out. Take this Green Beacon Test.

Energy Saving TrustIt's created for the Energy Saving Trust for Energy Saving Week (which starts on Monday) and measures your awareness of climate change and energy saving, and compares it with what you do about it.

The Trust is asking you to use your influence within whatever communities you're part of during Energy Saving Week, to encourage others to commit to save their 20%.

The week's theme is 'A Community a Day'. Each day a diifferent group will be targeted - faiths, women, men, internet communities, etc.

> Green Beacon Test.

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Compost John said...

Hi David, I did a search for 'low carbon' as my personal blog is 'low carbon lifestyle' (on blogspot) and I liked the look of yours.
I have a paid blog too, with Community Care magazine, and last night, 'The Ethicist' wrote about the EST's ambassadors and their influencer index. Interesting stuff.
I'm going to put a link to your good blog on my personal one, and might mention it in one of my weekly postings on CC.
Keep up the good work!
yours, John Cossham