Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What EDF doesn't want, Npower picks up

Npower has bought the farmland next to Wylfa nuclear power station, which EDF bought in the summer and then hurriedly sold.

While the ignorant local MP, Albert Owen, and the council, equally ignorant, are in favour of a new nuclear power station here, a recent survey found opposition running at 80%.

The fact is, as I have blogged before, marine current turbines would represent a much more sustainable, long-lasting and low impact solution to any perceived energy or jobs crisis on the island of Anglesey.

Such turbines are already being installed by Marine Current Turbines.

There is an opposition campaign to Wylfa-B called, appropriately enough, People Against Wylfa B - PAWB. Go there and sign the petition.

As they point out, the fact that EDF sold the land next to Wylfa A, demonstrates that Wylfa is a weak contender for a second nuclear plant anyway.

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