Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New service to help with the Green Deal & the Renewable Heat Incentive

energy efficiency advice

In 2012, the Green Deal & the Renewable Heat Incentive kick in.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

I have launched a new service to help people make the most of them.

All businesses already are, and all homes will be, eligible to have energy-efficiency makeovers free of charge.

They will be repaid by the value of the energy saving.

They can also install renewable energy and get paid for the heat and power they generate.

This independent site aims to help ensure no-one is ripped off and everyone gets the best green deal.

Green Deal Advice offers free information, cheap downloads, books and consultancy.

Renovate your property to high energy-efficiency standards with the help of government support, to cut heating and cooling bills.

Add renewable energy to your home or business, like underfloor heating fed by a heat pump, solar PV, solar water or biomass heating.

Enjoy greater comfort at no or low cost by super-insulating & draughtproofing your home, then adding renewable energy for heating and cooling.

Get independent advice on the most cost-effective ways to use the Green Deal, Feed-in Tariff & Renewable Heat Incentive schemes.

Visit Green Deal Advice now.

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