Monday, August 20, 2012

Green Deal Providers' registry goes live Oct 1st

The Green Deal registry of providers, installers and assessors will not be available to the public until October 1. This means that the scheme will be off to a slow start as it will be several months before the first work under the scheme can begin.

The industry is also still awating details of the financial arrangement for the scheme.

The registration and authorisation processes for want-to-be Green Deal assessors, installers and certification bodies began on August 8.

Registration is achieved via the Green Deal ORB website. This website will be the source of official information for potential Providers, Certification Bodies, Installers and Assessors interested in participating in the Green Deal, as well as the public.

Attaining the Green Deal Participant Register gives the seal of approval to Providers, Certification Bodies, Installers and Assessors. In order to provide confidence to customers and investors, the Energy Act 2011 only permits a Green Deal Plan to be supplied by an authorised Green Deal Provider.

The registers will go public on the same day as the launch of the Green Deal, 1st October, from which point the details of those on the register will be publicly available online, and they may use the Green Deal logo in their publicity.

Members of the public will then be able to scrutinise the registry, in order to obtain competing quotes from potential suppliers. It is recommended that they obtain at least three.

Given the complexity of providing an audit, negotiating the work to be done, of obtaining financing and securing contractors, it will be some time before the first installations are begun, let alone completed.

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said: “The opening of the Green Deal register will enable businesses to start becoming Green Deal authorised”.

The GD ORB is now accepting applications for Green Deal Provider authorisation. The pre-assessment application form and accompanying guidance notes are available to download from the ‘Become a Green Deal Provider’ page of the website.

Information on assessors and installers will be supplied by Certification Bodies and register data will be maintained and updated regularly by the GD ORB.

For any queries regarding the Green Deal Provider authorisation process please contact GD ORB Helpdesk by emailing or call 020 7090 1031.

Further information regarding the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) can be found here:

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