Monday, November 07, 2005

Time to join CND again?

Is there some link between the PM's new love of nuclear power and his desire for a new generation of Trident?

With the Tridents' bill weighing in at £30bn of our hard-earned cash, and nuclear power inevitably to be heavily subsidised, he is perhaps thinking that, as in the '50s-'80s, the spent fuel from the reactors may be usable in the warheads, along with other joint operations.

Privatised nuclear power companies are now reportedly making a 'profit' - a clever scam caused by offloading all the clean-up operations into the tax-payers' purse. This makes the companies seem newly attractive to investors.

Meanwhile, on the renewables' side, there is a shortage of investors, and a bottleneck in wind turbine and solar panel manufacturing causing delays in installations. The banks blame this on the government's wavering over long-term policy - beyond 2012.

These two signals to investors are surely not unrelated.

Power-obsessed Blair, like many corrupt leaders in the past, is obsessed with macho, phallocentric, big, centralised, expensive, penis-extending technology, especially if they have military purposes.

A new generation of nuclear missiles is the last thing we need.

Nuclear power is not the answer to our energy needs.

And if anyone wants it, just ask them - where would you rather work - in a uranium mine or a wind turbine factory? Have you any idea what happens at a uranium mine?

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