Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The UK's nuclear clean-up bill - £1000 per person

Renewable energy generation is cheaper than conventional energy in the long run. The energy source is free and there are minimal clean-up costs.

Alternatively, the cost of just cleaning up all the EXISTING nuclear waste in the world could amount to $1 trillion in the long run.

In the UK that's £1000 for each person in the country.

This first estimate was made at the 6th European Inter-parliamentary meeeting on renewable energy and energy efficiency [pdf link] held in Edinburgh last month.

The meeting called for a mandatory target of 25% renewable energy consumption by 2020 in the European Union, which is achievable in combination with energy efficiency measures.

Where does the second estimate come from? Some cranky green presure group?

Nope - from the Nobel Peace Prize-winning International Atomic Energy Agency [pdf link] itself. The figure covers the next 50 years, with the bulk of the clean-up bill before 2040.

The US alone would have a bill of $400 billion.

China, Russia, France and the UK would pay most of the rest.

In the UK the bill will be about £56 billion - that's £1000 each.

And it's this bit of the nuclear industry that hasn't been privatised - so it will come out of our taxes, giving rise to a new definition for the term 'fuel poverty'.

Meanwhile, the rest of the industry looks like it's making a profit.

Ever feel you're being sold a lame horse?

Who's willing to bet we won't get fooled again, and let the government order a new round of nuclear power station building?
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