Thursday, March 09, 2006

Offshore wind cost one tenth of carbon capture gas plant

Energy groups Statoil and Shell have announced plans for a project which would capture CO2 from a huge, 860-megawatt gas-fired power plant in west Norway. This would cost nearly ten times more than an offshore wind farm.

The CO2 would be piped to Shell's Draugen oilfield off Norway and injected into subsea reservoirs, to force oil to the surface.

They estimate that the plan, which could bury 2-2.5 million tonnes of heat-trapping carbon dioxide a year, would cost $1.19-$1.49 billion. Building the power plant would cost half, and the CO2 capture system and pipelines half.

They say it would need substantial gorvernment financial help.

For comparison, North Hoyle 80MW wind farm, off the north coast of Wales, cost $117m.

That's a cost per kilowatt installed of $17441, compared to $1940.

The Low Carbon Kid says; why bother, oil junkies? Build wind, the no-fuel power source!

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