Thursday, March 02, 2006

The problem is the government

The Government has rejected plans to build what would have been England’s largest windfarm at Whinash in Cumbria.

“Any Government that wants to expand airports and turn down windfarms is simply not fit to Govern. It’s hard to believe that the nuclear industry has not played some role in this.." said, in response, Stephen Tindale, Executive Director of Greenpeace.

“Climate change will ravage beautiful areas like the Lake District. I hope those responsible will be willing to explain to future generations how they played their part in allowing the savage grip of global warming to trash the countryside and claim hundreds of thousands of lives.”

The BWEA has put on a slightly braver face: BWEA's Chief Executive Marcus Rand commented: "While this is clearly disappointing news it is still only one project and many more projects onshore wind projects are being built throughout the UK. BWEA is confident that onshore wind energy will remain the mainstay of renewable energy delivery over the coming years. This year a record number of onshore wind projects will be built, totalling over 600 MW of capacity and we believe at least 5% of the nation's power will be met from onshore wind projects by 2010."

The Whinash wind farm could have potentially met one-third of the renewables target for the Cumbrian region alone, providing clean green electricity for over 45,000 homes and displacing the emission of up to 180,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

With a government attitude like this, it's not surprising that nuclear power will "have to be used to meet the energy gap and fight climate change".

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