Monday, November 12, 2007

Global warming is above political difference

It's very odd from this side of the Atlantic to see in the States the AGW debate characterised as left wing/right wing.

It's just not the same over here where many large businesses, including oil companies like BP, have castigated the UK Govt for not doing enough about climate change.

All political parties agree that humans are responsible for climate change, and with the consensus IPCC position, or thereabouts.

And thanks to John Mashey for correcting NDlundkvist on this point in comments on the previous blog.

It's amazing that some people in America can't see how their perspective on climate change has been manipulated by the greed and narrowmindedness of Exxon and its ilk into seeing climate change legislation as market interference.

As if all the subsidies and tax breaks given to Exxon weren't market interference.

Would some of you anti-AGW rednecks now reading this blog please enlighten me and tell me exactly what you think of the world leader who's doing the most in terms of 'interfering in the market' to tackle clmate change in his jurisdiction, the Republican Arnie Schwarzenegger?

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