Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Breakthrough Ideas for the 21st Century

I'm off to the Sustainable Development Commission's Breakthrough Ideas for the 21st Century event tomorrow.

See: www.sd-commission.org.uk/pages/the-short-listed-breakthrough-ideas.html

It will showcase a selection of 39 ‘breakthrough’ ideas, as chosen by the SDC from around 300 ideas submitted from sustainable development experts and enthusiasts from business, academia, government and communities. They will be some of the best ideas that, if put in place, would truly put the UK on the path to becoming a sustainable society. It will also celebrate the talent, creativity and enthusiasm for sustainable development breakthroughs in the UK, and provide a space where others can demonstrate the good work that they are doing on sustainability.

The event will provide a platform for taking these ideas forward, by bringing together people who have the ability to make change happen, and inspiring them to do so, with workshops and other opportunities for delegates to learn and engage with the breakthrough ideas and sustainable development more generally.

The event will be hosted by Jonathon Porritt, Jonathan Dimbleby, Anna Ford and Rosie Boycott, and will include high-level speakers and others like Prince Charles.

I'm with the group supporting Cap and Share: see www.capandshare.org.

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