Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Breakthough ideas for this century

At the SDC Breakthroughs event.

There were 19 brilliant ideas for how to save the planet - or at least the UK. It's a shame to single out just a few, but apart from Cap and Share (, there were biochar and algae - with a working model - ways of financing eco-refurb and educating kids about SD, and ideas for building communities and gardening.

Ed Miliband made a speech supporting CCS and growth. Boo, hiss.

HRH Charles made a speech which I've forgotten.

Porritt, in his swan song speech (he's retiring this month), criticised this and really laid into the Treasury. I mean REALLY - what has he got to lose now?

The new head of the SDC, Will Day, made a speech that didn't yet give a flavour of what his tenure will be like.

I nobbled Hilary Benn (to whom I got an intro from Welsh Evironment Minister Jane Davidson), and spieled him on Cap n Share, which he'd never heard of! He seemed to take it in and went off with the Feasta brochure.

Jane Davidson made an inspiring speech (I wish she had Benn's position and worked for Westminser instead of Cardiff). However, although Wales now has loads of inspiring targets like getting to a ecological fotprint of on plaet from he curret 2.77 in 20 years, the Welsh Assembly Gov's latest document on open cast coal mining basically has so many holes in it, it is not going to stop anyone open cast mining.

So, lots of hopeful and inspiring ideas and fabulously creative wannabe policies. All we need is joined-up government and strong leadership. Is that all?


Chuck said...

Here is a real simple one that would work for everyone. Switch to geothermal heating and cooling.

Low Carbon Kid said...

I will shortly write a piece on heat pumps (is this what you mean? - "geothermal" is different and refers to using the heat generated way below the earth's surface, the same heat that comes out in molten lava - this is expensive and not available in many places in the UK). Heat pumps are very good when used effectively.