Thursday, June 16, 2011

New campaign for renewable energy launched

Bill Oddie
A new campaign Action for Renewables was launched yesterday - Global Wind Day - by senior business leaders, trade unionists, non-governmental organisations and grass roots activists to call for Britain to generate more clean, green energy from renewable sources such as wind, wave and tidal power.

RenewablesUK, which is coordinating the campaign, released figures showing that the UK is far behind key European competitors in the number of wind turbines per 100 km2, including Denmark and the Netherlands.

It cites public polling conducted by DECC which reveals that, contrary to received wisdom, only a fifth (21%) of the population wouldn't like to live within three miles of a wind farm - concluding therefore that most people would not object to more wind farms.

The Action for Renewables campaign launch culminated last night with a London screening of a film made by TV presenter Bill Oddie about innovative green projects around Britain, using hydro, wind and marine energy.

The launch is part of Wind Week, which lasts all this week.

“A bigger renewables sector will not only help to reduce our carbon footprints, but by generating thousands of new jobs it could support a new sustainable economic growth model for the UK," said Frances O'Grady, TUC Deputy General Secretary at the launch.

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