Friday, June 24, 2011

Planning permits for new generators need not take account of carbon emissions

The Government has ruled that the Infrastructure Planning Committee, which oversees all nationally strategic developments and will make the decisions on whether proposed developments should be given the green light, need not take into account the carbon impact of a particular plant before deciding whether to approve it.

The finalised Energy NPSs have been published by DECC, and, though yet to be debated in Parliament, provide a framework for planning and approving an expected £100bn of new energy infrastructure, including 33GW of new renewable energy capacity.

But in its response to the consultation on the NPSs the Government says that deciding on the impact of a development in relation to the UK's carbon budget "is a matter for wider Government intervention in energy markets, not a planning issue."

Five of the NPSs cover specific technologies: fossil fuels; renewables; gas supply and gas and oil pipelines; electricity networks; and nuclear. There is also an overarching energy NPS.

The latter sets out how the new system is compatible with the Localism Bill, retains the consultative approach (both on the NPSs and the consultation of local people in individual applications) and the transparency of the IPC system while increasing democratic accountability through returning the final decision to ministers.

The Nuclear NPS confirms eight sites across the country as suitable for new nuclear power stations by 2025 and lays out plans for how radioactive waste will be managed.

A Fossil Fuel NPS allows for carbon capture and storage to be fitted to new gas plants, as well as coal.

DECC also published yesterday new research into noise from wind turbines, and said it discussing with the Institute of Acoustics the establishment of a working group to develop best practice guidance for planners, developers and local communities.


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