Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The dirty energy boom fueling Europe

A new online map of energy projects in South-east Europe, put together by Stability Pact Watch, shows how the region is being turned into a fossil fuel transit corridor and a source of dirty energy for the European Union.

Current and planned fossil fuel and nuclear projects total at least $18 billion, dwarfing the roughly $253 million required for current and planned IFI-supported renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

And this is despite the desperate need for improved energy efficiency across the region and its massive potential for the development of renewables.

Key regional players such as the World Bank and the EBRD say they have recognised the importance of developing energy efficiency and renewable energy in the region, but so far the evidence on the ground is desperately thin.

The EBRD was behind the dubious funding of the new Chernobyl reactors (see previous blog item).

See the extent of the Balkan energy carve-up click here.

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