Thursday, April 20, 2006

Nuclear / energy review round up of views

Anyone following the nuclear / energy review may find the following reports helpful, released over the last week, in addition to those already covered:

Further, recent energy costs in the US have indicated wind generated electricity costs as falling below that produced from gas.

However there is the issue of offshore wind stalling because of steel prices rising by 50% due, says the BWEA to Chinese and India demand. Turbines have risen is cost also due to Chinese and US demand.

Amicus, the trade union of manaufacturers, came out pro-nuclear, following the TUC having been scared by the 'lights out' propaganda of the nuclear lobby. So did the Major Energy Users’ Council.

Many small groups gave submissions, for example Regen SW, who said:
  1. Allow local authorities to require zero carbon buildings in new development.
  2. Require every District Council to set its own renewable electricity target.
  3. Give local and regional authorities the ability to take responsibility for reducing carbon emissions.
  4. Create a financial incentive for the use of renewable energy for local heat needs.
and our own local Ecodyfi [Word doc 26kB].

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