Friday, April 21, 2006

Is Blue the new Green?

Cameron goes to Norway and discovers ice melting, shock horror. Brown tells UN and G8 to make environment top priority.

The two contenders are slugging out the early rounds of the next election (and the local elections) in a green-tinged boxing ring. Who'd have thought it?

Full marks to the Tory whizz-kid for pushing green to the top of the agenda. About time, say many.

But beware. Anyone who seriously thinks blue can be the new green (we know red wasn't): remember Catch-23.

You can't have your cake and eat it. Business as usual - high consumption lifestyles - are simply not compatible with saving the planet. To get the UK's ecological footprint down from 3.1 earths to less than one, would mean something neither party could espouse - drastic change.

Not, for example, flying with a retinue of hacks to the arctic circle.

The Low Carbon Kid wonders if Cameron carbon-neutralised his air travel. Next time perhaps he'll go the true low-carbon - Viking - way - by boat.

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