Thursday, December 01, 2005

China pities the US stance on climate change

China, one of the world's major polluters, urged another big carbon dumper, the United States, to join the Kyoto treaty yesterday.

China is also a member, with the US, of the Pacific-Asian group of countries, which the US formed this year as a means of subverting Kyoto by creating an alternative bloc of countries who don't believe targets are necessary to defeat Global Enemy No. 1.

China's Sun Guoshunis rejected arguments that the pact is flawed because it fails to restrict emissions by developing countries.

"We really feel pity that the U.S. has not yet and is not going to join the Kyoto Protocol, not only because of the size of its total emissions, but also because of its higher per-capita emissions," Sun, director of the Department of Treaty and Law at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in an interview.

He said his country was already cutting the polluting emissions, adding that it was unfair to expect China and India -- with the world's largest populations -- to ask their impoverished people to cut back on energy consumption.

Harlan Watson, the senior oil companies' pimp for the State Department, said Washington would not be party to any agreement with legally binding targets.

The Bush cartel's hatred of agreed emission limits is largely ideological.

It insists that they would destroy the American economy, but in fact the US has a (relatively) energy-efficient economy whose greenhouse gas emissions only grew 13.3 per cent between 1990 and 2003.

It would have much less trouble complying with Kyoto targets than Canada, whose emissions grew by 24.4 per cent in the same period and which (the coming elections notwithstanding) has been in favour.

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