Thursday, December 22, 2005

Low carbon technology updates from the DTI

The Low Carbon Kid believes in the judicious use of carrots and sticks.

My diet aside, I will support Government initiatives that make some sense.

That's why, for once, I am using this column to publicise the DTI's Low Carbon Energy Technologies e-Bulletin - because I don't think it gets enough publicity.

It highlights completed R&D projects, grants, news and events from the DTI's Sustainable Energy Programme. Below are the headlines. At the end is a link to the full monty.
  • Proposals wanted: The DTI Technology Programme is seeking proposals on collaborative research and development projects on leading edge and emerging technologies. Deadline for registering your intention to apply: 31st January 06
  • Sixth Framework Programme: the EU's main source of support for leading edge research and technological development.
  • Workshops and Events run by the Sustainable Energy Programme
  • Biofuels: Short Rotation Coppicing and Fuel Supply from Energy Crops
  • Embedded Generation: Guide to the Sale of Power Opportunities
  • Fuel Cells: prospects for use in stationery power and CHP
  • Solar: latest publications on photovoltaics
  • Wave & Tidal: Development of a 5th Scale Tidal Turbine; and Near Shore Oscillating wave column.
  • Wind: Modelling of Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structures
To subscribe to this e-bulletin email The Sustainable
Energy Team

Visit the DTI's Renewable energy web site

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