Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bush and oil addiction

What is less likely than Tanzania sending a rocket to the moon? america coming off oil dependency in the next 30 years.

Bush speak in his address to the nation with forked tongue. Let's get this straight:
  • Last year Bush's energy plan gave the oil companies billions in tax breaks
  • Oil company profits are at an all time high
  • Exxon is a major donor to the Republicans
  • The technofixes Bush describes will take 25 years to arrive at the rate he intends to support - even by adding 22% to alternative energy research it will be below the funding level of the Clinton administration

Bush's answer is thus: clean coal; Artic oil fields; nuclear power.

What is really needed is a drastic reduction in demand, which Bush does not mention.

America must abandon its fuel-guzzling vehicle dependency and embrace energy efficiency. This however would take a cultural leap similar to putting a wild monkey in a suit and expecting it to act like a responsible President of a democratic, world-leading country.

Wait a minute....

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