Sunday, February 19, 2006

Nuclear unrest? Well if you insist.

It seems as if the dash for nuclear is underway, with several European countries either building or on the point of deciding to build, nuclear power stations.

But even in France the problem of what to do with the waste hasn't been resolved.

Recently a shipment of waste between France and Germany was halted by demonstrators. 15,000 police were required to confront them.

Mass arrests were made, but the German courts, sympathetic to civil and human rights, threw out the charges saying mass arrest is unlawful.

The same pattern is likely to be repeated throughout Europe if the decision to build goes ahead. We'll see a return to the days of the '70s and '80s - mss protests and civil unrest. If that's what the authorities want, that's what they'll get. But we'd all rather stay at home, and watch tv powered by renewable energy - yes please.

The Low Carbon Kid is off to Berlin for a week now so the blog will quieten for a few days. Let's see how Europe's greenest country does things.

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