Monday, February 27, 2006

Shell's ankle-biters expose oil's other downside

Ijaw activists, in their guerilla campaign for justice, have continued their attacks on Shell oil facilities in the Niger Delta by vandalising a flow station and a gas flow line in Warri South-West and Burutu areas of Delta State, Nigeria.

A senior SPDC official claimed the attack happened on Wednesday night.

On Friday Shell was told by a Federal High Court to pay $1.5billion to the Ijaw in Bayelsa State as compensation for environmental damages - decades of oil spills into creeks, fires, spoiling crops and damage to fishing in the area.

The decision was a major victory for the Ijaw people — who have campaigned for compensation for more than a decade — and one of Shell's worst legal setbacks. But Shell said it would appeal the ruling because there was "no evidence to support the claims".

So, Shell, with your green image, where did the oil come from then? The sky maybe? Did these unfortunate people buy it in and spill it all over their back yard just to spite you? Who else operates in the area except you and your heavy mob, your hired hitmen and paid-off government sleaze-bags?

Stop stalling for time any more and cough up you filth merchants. The Low Carbon Kid says: people - boycott Shell till they do so.

Renewable energy? Can't wait.

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