Monday, February 27, 2006

Labour opts for nuclear power

Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks has come out of the closet and all but admitted he supports nuclear. And the Scottish Labour Party has voted for nuclear power yesterday.

Labour is clearly wedded to the old dinosaur of nukes, and not looking ahead to a warm-blooded safer, cheaper, alternative that doesn't lay radioactive eggs that sit around in the geology for millenia like deadly fossils. What a nice present for the future.

Malcolm Wicks has been travelling round the country telling special interest groups what they want to hear - oilmen that oil's fine, coalmen that coal's future's secure, and, most recently, Welsh voters that Wales "has the potential to meet up to 18 per cent of its electricity demand from renewables and will play a vital role in achieving the UK target of 10% electricity from renewables by 2010". As if we didn't know this already because of existing policies.

Wicks was in Scotland last week and was accused of hypocrisy in calling for a 'mature' debate whilst at the same time labelling anyone who disagreed with his pro-nuclear position as a 'fundamentalist'.

Jack McConnell, the First Minister, "appears to have been preparing the way for the Executive to back a new generation of nuclear power stations in Scotland" reported the Scotsman newspaper. And we thought Scotland would do things differently after devolution.

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