Tuesday, February 28, 2006

For a Nuclear Free Wales

With Scottish Labour opting for nuclear, Wales is hoping not to follow suit. Montgomeryshire MP Lembit Öpik and Ceredigion MP Mark Williams have pledged their support for a Nuclear Free Wales.

Confirmation is awaited from other Welsh MPs. The Welsh anti-nuclear campaign has called a public meeting at Bro Dyfi High School, Machynlleth on Thursday 16th March 7.30pm. Speakers will include Mick Bates AM, Paul Allen of CAT, possibly the Low Carbon Kid and Gwilym Fychan.

The campaign was launched in December 2005 and has attracted support from a large number of organisations and individuals across Wales and cross-party support from MPs.

Wales could be nuclear free when Wylfa power station on anglesey closes in 2010, provided we win the battle against Blair and his nuclear cronies.

Greenpeace volunteers projected an enormous 'KAPOW!' onto Wylfa nuclear site last Thursday 23rd February 2006 to highlight the risk of a terrorist attack on Britain's nuclear power stations.

Read about it and watch a scare-mongering video about possible terrorist atttacks on our unprotected nuclear power stations. However the Low Carbon Kid thinks this video is irresponsible and could put ideas into Al Qaida folk's heads. You know what sort of dangerous information is available on the internet.

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