Monday, February 13, 2006

"I may be nuclear neutral but I am not renewables neutral.

Malcolm Wicks says "the renewables sector has nothing to fear from the Energy Review."

The energy minister was saving energy by giving his speech via videolink at the British Wind Energy Association's wave and tidal conference.

He should be for renewables. But the real issue is whether there will be ANY nuclear power and HOW MUCH renewables.

He said ""I'm aware of course that nuclear dominates the headlines, and there's a lot of lobbying from that direction. But this is my Energy Review, I am in no doubt that our future lies in a healthy mix of energy sources. This isn't about nuclear versus renewables, my eyes and ears are open to evidence on all technologies. This sector needs to carry on engaging constructively and realistically during this consultation phase of the Review. There is everything to play for."

He announced a paltry £1.5 million of funding for three new marine energy prototypes under the DTI's Technology Programme and a 8 May deadline for grant applications under the first round of the Wave and Tidal Stream Demonstration Scheme.

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