Wednesday, January 18, 2006

BBC - Battling to Beat Carbon?

The BBC has a new environmental report out. It aims to cut by half CO2 emissions per broadcast hour

It claims that total CO2 emissions reduced significantly in 2004 from the year before mainly because approximately 95% of all electricity used by the Beeb now comes from a renewable tarriff. That's the easy win.

But transport CO2 emissions increased over 2004, "reflecting international priorities" - ie reporting abroad.

The corporation says it's trying to increase efficiency of vehicles and travel which should result in a decrease over the longer term.

It also gives figures for its coverage of climate change:

News & Current Affairs168 items71 items
Children's7 items5 items
Radio96 items68 items
Online news292 items123 items

>> BBC Interim Environment Report for 2004/05.

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