Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Doc Chaos: The Chernobyl Effect by David Thorpe

Inside a nuclear reactor, no one can hear you scream. In 2006 it's 20 years since the world's worst nuclear accident.

At the time, the Low Carbon Kid was so shocked he wrote this book as a savage satire on the nuclear industry. David Thorpe was then a comics and tv scriptwriter (and journalist), author of the Doc Chaos tv series and comics series.

Doc Chaos is the autobiography of nuclear power as a crazed, Frankensteinian scientist out of control, persuading the world's leaders to take on this seductive, star-powering technology to their glorious self-destruction.

It is a tempestuous and disastrous love story in which the object and subject of love are chaos and nukes.

This gut-wrenchingly funny, thoroughly original and brutally accusing novella is specially illustrated by some of the finest talents in British comics at the time, and even now:
  • Simon Bisley
  • Brian Bolland (the original Judge Dredd artist)
  • Brett Ewins
  • Duncan Fegredo
  • Rian Hughes
  • Lin Jammett
  • Pete Mastin
  • Dave McKean
  • Savage Pencil
  • Ed Pinsent and
  • Bryan Talbot

"No one could be fully prepared for Doc Chaos. It is a comedy of terrors." - New Musical Express.

Originally, proceeds from the book went to support the World Information Service on Energy (WISE - see link right). If you buy the book today for £6, the proceeds go to support this blog site, a daily post of information in the campaign for a world free from nuclear and fossil fuel pollution caused by our energy consumption.

To buy this book, send me an email and I will send further details
£6.00 * ISBN 1 869802 08 X * 88 pages * Hooligan Press © David Thorpe 1988

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