Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Westmill wind co-op seeks investors

The first community owned wind system in the south of England is seeking investors.

Westmill Wind Farm Co-operative Ltd. is looking to raise £3.75 million to build the first community owned wind farm on the Oxfordshire/ Wiltshire border.

Community owned renewable energy projects are an excellent business model. But although common in Denmark and elsewhere there's only three or four others in the UK.

The Share Offer will close on 28 February 2006. It is open to individuals or organisations. The minimum investment is £250, the maximum is £20,000 (unless you are a Co-operative ). If the Offer is over subscribed preference will be given to local people and Baywind members.

It is being supported and is modelled on Baywind Co-operative Wind Farm in Cumbria that has 1300 members and been running successfully since 1996.

Construction is due to start Spring this year, commissioning is planned for December 2006. The five wind turbines are predicted to produce 12.6 GWh/yr – equivalent to the domestic electricity consumption of over 3000 average households.

For more information visit www.westmill.coop. To request the prospectus phone 0870 234 2002.

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