Monday, January 23, 2006

Scottish greens say review is a sham

The Scottish Greens have said the review looks increasingly like a charade since it is only a few years since the last energy review which came out against nuclear power, and in favour of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

They accused ministers of hiding their intention to build new nuclear power stations behind the 'Yes, Minister' style statement 'mature debate'.

Green MSP Shiona Baird, Green speaker on energy, said: "Of course we welcome any truly mature debate on nuclear power because it is imperative that we separate fact from myth. Ever since scientists first argued that power from nuclear fission would be 'too cheap to meter', the myths of nuclear power have been all too obvious. Anyone informed of all the facts would be unconvinced that nuclear power is a viable or sustainable form of power.

"It is uneconomic and would pull money away from investment in energy efficiency and renewables. It presents unacceptable and grave dangers to world security and the environment, and there remains no solution to the waste problem. Scotland needs to make its own decisions about energy for the long term and not be pushed again into a nuclear future."

Chris Ballance MSP, Green Speaker on nuclear energy said: "Nuclear power is not the answer to securing safe, clean and sustainable energy sources for the future. To suggest it as such is an insult to people's intelligence. It is certainly not the solution to climate change - it is in fact very carbon intensive to mine, process and transport the fuel, to construct the stations and to manage the waste – and as reserves of good quality uranium ore reduce, it becomes almost as carbon intensive as gas. The nuclear industry is clutching at straws in making the climate argument - and it fails miserably to convince that it is a clean, cheap or safe source of sustainable energy.

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