Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wasting energy? This is a job for the Energy Police!

Using too much energy? Better watch out - you could face a fine!

At least in China. Beijing is setting up an "energy police" force to crack down on excessive lighting and heating and other power waste in shopping malls and office buildings, according to Wednesday's China Daily.

Twenty energy-efficiency supervisors will patrol the city. "We have been advocating energy saving for years but it has remained only a slogan because of a lack of a supervising system," Beijing vice mayor Zhang Hao was quoted as saying.

The Low Carbon Kid always knew that voluntary agreements and 'carrots' didn't work half as well as 'sticks'! He would like to see a similar pilot scheme in the UK.

See anyone struggling with Catch-23? - Send in the Energy Police to turn everything off!

Neighbour got a Humvee and blazing lights all night? Shop him to the Energy Police!

Now there's an outcome for the Uk Energy Review. Will someone tell Blair?

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