Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The pro-nuclear MPs

These are the committee members of the Nuclear Energy All-Party Parliamentary Group, referred to a couple of posts down. They are being used by the industry lobby group, the Nuclear Industry Association, to soften opinions on the industry:

  • Chair: John Robertson MP (Lab: Glasgow North West)
  • Vice Chair: Lord Christopher (Ex-Trade union leader; General Secretary Inland Revenue Staff Federation) (Lab)
  • Vice Chair: Lord Jenkin of Roding (Con) (former Secretary of State for Social Services (1979-81), for Industry (1981-83) and the Environment (1983-85)
  • Vice Chair: Lord McInally (LD) (MD of Symetec, food processing company)
  • Secretary: Michael Connarty MP (Lab: Falkirk East Constituency and Member, European Directives Committee A (Agriculture, Environment & Health & Safety. Listed policy interests do not include energy.))
  • Assistant Secretary: David Drew MP (Lab: Stroud, a 'green' constituency. He says he "regularly attends meetings of the Parliamentary Renewables and Sustainable Energy" on his web site but omits his membership of the NEAPPG)
  • Treasurer: Jimmy Hood MP (Lab: Lanark & Hamilton East) (his CV lists under 'employment': Fellow of Industry and Parliament Trust; Shell UK and Mars; Fellow of Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme; Army
Many of them are Scottish.

...And twenty qualifying members:

  • Bill Olner
  • Lord Lea of Crondall
  • Anne Moffat
  • Helen Southworth
  • Russell Brown
  • David Hamilton
  • Geraldine Smith
  • Lord Howie of Troon
  • Lord Dubs
  • Lord Evans of Parkside
  • Robert Key
  • Bob Spink
  • Baroness Carnegy of Lour
  • Baroness O'Cathain
  • David Mundell
  • Robert Goodwill
  • Lord Maclennan of Rogart (LD)
  • Lord Clement-Jones (LD)
  • Lord Flowers (CB)
  • Baroness Howe of Idlicote (CB)

Contact details for correspondence and general enquiries about the group: Mr Michael Connarty MP, House of Commons, London SW1A OAA. Tel: 020 7219 5071.

Benefits received by group from sources outside parliament: Nuclear Industry Association provides administrative assistance (booking meeting rooms, organising events and trips, sending out invitations to meetings, writing minutes)

Paid employment outside parliament of staff who hold a parliamentary pass: Miranda Kirschel, Corporate Affairs Manager, Nuclear Industry Association.

Date of group's last registered annual general meeting: 28 June 2005.

Category of group: On Approved List; All-Party Parliamentary Subject Group.

Correct as of: 21 December 2005 (from the House of Commons Register of All-Party Groups)

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